Phase 2

We are about to commence construction on phase two and currently taking reservations.


  • Ten 3 storey Six bedroom Victorian styled villas consisting of:
  • 2 spacious bedrooms per floor.
  • Luxurious living room with a fireplace per floor.
  • Spacious walk-in bathroom and wardrobe.
  • Kitchen for self catering.
  • Branded European furniture.
  • All villas have a clear view of the Aberdare ranges and overlook the mini golf course.
  • Each villa is split into 30 fractional shares each selling at Kshs. 4,500,000.


  1. A projected monthly income of Kshs 56,784.00 per share.
  2. 10 free nights annually.
  3. Attractive capital gain – price expected to rise to Kshs 7,500,000.00 on completion.
  4. Expected ROI(return on investment) after 6years of operation.

Phase two has a total of ten 6 bedroom villas.
Each villa in phase 2 will be limited to the following professionals:

  1. Biashara Villa A (targeting the business community)
  2. Biashara Villa B (targeting the business community)
  3. CEO’s Villa (targeting corporate leaders)
  4. Diaspora Villas A (targeting Kenyans living out of the country)
  5. Diaspora Villas B (targeting Kenyans living out of the country)
  6. Doctors Villa  A (targeting medical practitioners)
  7. Doctors Villa  B (targeting medical practitioners)
  8. Sheria Villa  (targeting professional in the legal world)
  9. Chama Villa (targeting investment groups)
  10. Presidential Villa – Fully Sold

Invest- Kshs 4.5 Million
Off peak rate per night – Kshs 26,000.00
No. of Beds – 2
Occupancy per month – 70 %( 21 days)
Service Charge & Other Expenses – 30%
Taxes (VAT & Catering Levy) – 16% + 2% = 18%
Total Revenue Per month – Kshs1,092,000.00
Less Outgoings –  Kshs 524,160.00
Net Balance – Kshs 567,840.00

Net revenue per month per as full 2 bedroom unit (i.e. 10 fractional shares) – Kshs 567,840.00
Net Projected revenue per month per fractional share – Kshs 56,784.00
Each fractional owner is entitled to ten (10) free nights every year per fractional share ( the free nights will be spread over 12 months).
To ensure fair business and income for all investors, all hotel rooms will enter into a rental pool to ensure that income from one room spreads to all other rooms thus no room is ever more occupied than others.

Purchase Price:
Initial Deposit:
Upfront Payment:

Kshs. 4,500,000
Kshs. 2,250,000
To clear in twenty four equal monthly installments of Kshs. 93,750
Kshs. 4,000,000