Vacation Package

Aberdare Spa & Safari Lodge – Family vacation package


Did you know that booking your vacation in advance can save you a lot of money?

At the Aberdare Spa & Safari lodge, we are offering you a 21 vacation days (7 days per year for 3 years) at a discounted rate of ONLY Kshs. 195,000.00 (for the entire 3 years). Bed & Breakfast.

Booking the same number of days at the walk-in / market rate at this prestigious resort would cost you Kshs. 25,000.00 per night times 21 days which totals to Kshs. 525,000.00.Our pre-booking package therefore helps you to save a whooping Kshs. 330,000.00

On top of this, you will get a 10 years free membership card which guarantees you 20% discount on all the hotel services including meals.

* The seven vacation days per year can be spread as follows; 3:2:1:1 or 2:2:2:1

* The family vacation package is for one ensuite bedroom for two adults. Additional bedroom will be provided for children 12 years and below (Max 3) which will translate to 2 nights used out of the 7 nights per year. Additional children will attract discounted charges.


Hotel Amenities

• A world class spa Centre

• An ice skating rink

• A mini golf course

• A conference Centre and executive meeting rooms

• A heated swimming pool

• A fine dining restaurant

• A kids games arcade ( First one in Kenya)

• Spa pools ( first one in Kenya)

• A 5 aside football pitch & tennis court.

• Close proximity for excursion at Aberdare National Park

• All bathrooms are fitted with Jacuzzi.