Why Aberdare Spa and Safari Lodge

Aberdare Spa & Safari Lodge is primed to become the premier leisure spot and an icon in the Kenyan hospitality industry. Crafted by visionary and passionate team, the concept of developing a unique investment opportunity is backed by years of research on how well to be relevant in an ever changing real estate market while tapping into the budding local tourism sector.

We want to be pioneers of this new trend in the Kenyan hospitality landscape. Instead of investing heavily into developing a multi-million complex that will continue incurring operational and marketing expenses, you can now be a part-owner of this 5 star Spa Lodge that smartly combines quality accommodations, finest recreational facilities and manned by a dedicated and passionate management team.

This concept is gaining popularity fast as investors not only have their investments managed by a professional team but also gives them entry into a lucrative growing industry. Experts agree that it is an investment with a proven track record.

The location of the property is invaluable. Moreover the inclusion of well designed amenities such as the spa pool is definitely a good impetus for investment appreciation. A skilled marketing team will worry about occupancy.

We intend to replicate this success across the country and the greater Eastern African region. Aberdare Spa & Safari Lodge is the first among many.